A Paradigm Shift to the current use of walkers for Short Term (Rehab) and Long Term Care!

Increase your Safety & Independence Indoors!

Walkers lack stability indoors, limiting your independence and curtailing your necessary daily activities such as safely getting up and down from a sitting position like from a chair without arm rests, your bed, the toilet, among others. 

Now there is a BETTER WAY!

Have the Confidence and Stability Outdoors!

Walkers lack stability on uneven terrain. Now you can have the Confidence and Stability to walk on sand, grass, gravel, mud, snow, ice, and even all the way into calm ocean waters.

Keep Your Independence and Enjoy Life!


Our product is a patented device that easily attaches to the bottom your walker, allowing you to be more stable, increasing your safety and independence indoors, and giving you the confidence and stability outdoors on various terrain.  its elongated design increases stability to help prevent falls and allowing you to continue with your daily activities. Custom molded nylon pads provide better traction. Supports up to 500 lbs. Fits most standard walkers.

Get Yours Today!

Your Independence, Safety, and Stability are PRICELESS.


“Finally a product thats affordable. Not everyone can afford to spend $300-$350.00 for a HD walker. This help convert my standard walker and allowed me to improve my gait. Also allowed me to walk with my wife after surgery and i am loosing weight. So thanks for putting your mind to something that seems obvious but is really complex. I walk daily without fear of any wheels sliding away from me like my 4 wheeled wealker would do. I can pick this up and put it down since it is light and when i get tired i slides it across different parts of the house like carpet and then tile.” Wenter Ferborn


As an orthopedic nurse, I like the “StabilizedSteps” for its use during the different stage of the patient’s continuum of care. For a big and tall guy like me, after trying it out for a few minutes during NAON 38th Annual Congress, I can say to you it is:
1. Safe to use

2. Simple to operate

3. Suitable for most terrains. Patrick Mothersil

Orthopedic Nurse, New York Presbyterian Hospital

“My Stabilizers work terrific! I can’t stand by myself because my right leg is still recovering from my back surgery, so I have to have something really stable and not movable to be able to walk. I would recommend this product to others! It is not heavy at all. I am impressed with it and I can go to the beach now (which I had not been in 30+ years)” Barbara Church


John’s Story

Stabilized Steps® changed my father’s life.
When my father first moved to Florida his natural love of going to the beach was heavily curtailed by his handicap. Yet over the years I watched as Stabilized Steps®
 changed all that. He ended up not only transforming physically but mentally as well. The ability for him to visit the beach and walk on the sand helped to lift his spirits and outlook on life while it helped his body get into the best physical shape I had seen in years!

Jeffrey A. (John’s Son)