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Stabilized Steps was tested to withstand more than 500 lbs

The Stabilized Steps was tested via CAE tools as part of the product life cycle for the validation of the operational performance and the manufacturing feasibility of the proposed design. These tool allow our engineers to evaluate in a virtual way the physical behavior of the product on a millimeter scale in terms of stress, deformation, vibration, temperature, pressure, velocity, etc. Download the Sell Sheet

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Walkers and canes can be lifesavers for older people, but a new study highlights the downside of using them without training. Fri Feb 6, 2015 | Reuters.com

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Fractures most common injury; one in three injuries required hospitalization. June 29, 2009 | CDC.gov

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Want to support Stabilized Steps while helping someone in need? Consider donating  our Stability Gliders to someone with MS or Parkinson’s.