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Walker Users are at a Greater Risk for Falls

47,000 older adults are treated in the Emergency Room every year for falls due to use of a walker or cane.


People 85+ are at Greatest Risk

The chances of sustaining a fall increase with age. People who are older than 85 years old are at the greatest risk.


Fractures are Common Fall-Related Injuries

Fractures are the most common type of fall-related injuries associated with the use of a walker. Of those fractures, about 40% are fractures to the hips or pelvis.

Source: www.cdc.gov

Why are the Stabilizers so Effective at Preventing Falls?

Our patented Stabilizers attach to the bottom of medical walkers allowing the user to to be stable indoors and out on various terrains such as sand, grass, gravel, mud, snow, ice, and even all the way into calm ocean waters!


Greater Stability

The side radius surface design prevents damages and increases stability.The extra space in the front and the back prevents frontward and backward falls. The side panel prevents sideways falls.



Even Weight Distribution

Instead of a traditional 90-degree angle, the Stability Gliders uses a radius to avoid stress concentration. The attachment legs transfer the weight directly from the walker to the ground.


Better Traction

The intricate internal design along with the carefully selected materials that meet our testing results, provide greater stiffness to the Stability Gliders structure.

About Stabilized Steps

To make a long story short…

Our company was founded with the ambition to create and innovate products that give individuals more freedom to move forward.

The idea came out of a real need.

It all started in 2009 with our co-founder Eryk (a residential contractor by trade), who was doing some cabinetry work for a client. After two hip replacements, two knee replacements, and terrible arthritis, the client had to use a walker to move around; he was no longer able to go to the beach as his walker would unevenly sink into the sand. His natural love of going to the beach was heavily curtailed by his handicap. He asked Eryk if he had ever invented anything and if he could invent something that would allow him to take his walker to the beach.

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A few weeks later, Eryk created the first adapter that allowed John to fulfill his desire to reach the ocean once again; and that is how Stabilized Steps™ was born. Eryk invented a metal foot that attached to the bottom of each side of the walker which allowed his client to actually go to the beach without it sinking and throwing him out of balance. John was able to lose 30lbs due to the exercise he got from going to the beach; He would even take the walker deep enough in the ocean to the point where his wife could remove the walker and he would swim and enjoy the water.

Eryk worked on this idea since 2009 and was able to get a utility patent on the idea in 2013.

In 2016, Eryk partnered up with Stephanie Gomez and they went back to the drawing board to come up with a new design for the idea; Shortly after that, Stephanie took full charge of the company. In 2017, a year since they became partners, the company has launched with a phenomenal design that has been tested virtually to withstand more than 500lbs with many different falling and stress scenarios. They applied for a design patent, found a great manufacturer, and have a created a exceptional team that has position the company for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Stabilizers work with my walker?

The Stabilizers will fit most brands of walkers with 1” diameter legs. If your Stabilizers unit does not fit your walker once you receive it, we will gladly refund your purchase and cover shipping.

What kind of guarantee do you have?

Your Stabilizers product has been carefully built with the highest standards. Our staff has confidence in the parts used to build this product, thereby offering a Lifetime Warranty for any defects that may be found. If a defect with the product is found when first received, we will replace or repair the product. Please see warranty page for more details.

Is it safe to use in wet or icy conditions?

The Stabilizers are ideal for uneven surfaces such as sand, gravel, grass, mud, snow, ice, and all the way into calm ocean waters. We do ask you to please watch out for water or oil on the floor as these will make the floor very slippery. When using in ice make sure to have proper shows that have a good grip.


What is included with the purchase?

Product includes one pair of Stability Gliders™ and two pair of extension legs with attachment hardware.

It is rust-proof for salt water or winter salt exposure?

Yes, we have carefully selected our materials so that your Stability Gliders™ will not corrode or rust due to outdoor exposures, specifically with salt water or winter salt.

Is there a discount for bulk purchases?

Yes! Please contact us via email for more information at info@stabilizedsteps.com

What if it doesn’t fit my walker after buying it?

Contact us via email and we will arrange the return of the product. We will even pay for the return shipping fee.

Was this product tested?

The Stability Gliders™ were tested via CAE tools as part of the product life cycle for the validation of the operational performance and the manufacturing feasibility of the proposed design. These tool allows our engineers to evaluate in a virtual way the physical behavior of the product on a millimeter scale in terms of stress, deformation, vibration, temperature, pressure, velocity, etc.
The product was tested to withstand more than 500 lbs.

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